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Back-Up PG Wanted

Earlier this week coach Bob Hill put out his ultimatium that if the Sonics front office did not address the need for a back-up PG for this team he would speed up the process of developing the youngsters effectively giving up on the season. This would lead the team to start running plays for the young bigs. There's a sick part of me that actually hopes this happens but the part of me that likes watching good basketball which leads me to wonder exactly what I would want in a backup PG.

The simple answer is 'anyone but Flip Murray' but that's also the boring answer. With the team we have there are several qualities I would look for to fill the role. First and foremost the player has to be a guy that plays both ends of the court, we can not afford to have any more players that focus solely on offense. Second we need a guy that's steady and can feed the post. With Lewis, Collison, Swift, Wilcox and Petro we have several players who should be getting looks in the post. Third he has to be able to hit an open 15 footer. With Lewis and Allen on the court the PG or the other big are going to be the guy that the opponents double off of, we need a guy that can hit that shot.

One guy that comes to mind has been discussed all over the net, including several times on this site, Earl Watson. I believe he'd be a solid, solid pickup for us assuming that we don't have to give up any of the young bigs or our draft pick this year to get him. Another player that interests me is Chris Duhon, while I am not sure that the Bulls are even looking to deal him he fits the criteria to a tee. Today Brian brought up the name Zoran Planinic and I think he'd be a great fit. He's a bit longer than any of the guards we have and has shown that when given time he can be a solid player. For those that have brought up Marko Jaric, Planinic gives a lot of the same qualities but without the massive contract.

With any of these three players I feel we'd have a major upgrade that would allow Luke to get the proper rest. Anyone else think of any other players who fit the mold and would be players the Sonics could realistically acquire?