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Daily Roundup Feb 17 '06

Frank Hughes chips in with a suggestion regarding the Gates Foundation building as a possible new practice facility. Good idea.

Good news from the Times, a citizen's panel appointed by Mayor Nickels recommends a KeyArena renovation to keep the Sonics in Seattle.

Sounds as if there is some economic and cultural value to be had from keeping the Supes after all, Councilman Licata.

Next week, Seattle Center executives plan to release a study on the arena's economic effect on Seattle. But the agency offered a peek at those Thursday -- noting that the study found the arena produced about $165 million in business activity and 1,572 jobs from October 2004 to October 2005, excluding spending that would have gone to other recreational activities if there were no KeyArena.

Hey Nick Licata, you've just been clowned.

Moving on to another local jackass, the Go 2 Guy aka the biggest idiot homer in Seattle sprays a load of hypocritical garbage all over the pages of the P-I that I couldn't wash off even with that orange-colored super cleaner stuff I bought on QVC. This anti-Sonic screed comes from the same witless windbag that started a Calvin Booth fan club and actually thought Bob Weiss was a good coach.

Hey Jim Moore: For a guy who's allegedly a professional sportswriter you are the laziest, most uninformed commentator I've had the misfortune to read since I lived in Denver and to swallow the imbecilic Tourette's-inspired rantings of Woody Paige on a daily basis. Your columns have all the excitement of watching semi-professional curling. Writing about the NBA is obviously too complicated for you. Go call your pal Calvin Booth and cover something less taxing to your IQ, like the Westminster Dog Show.