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Everybody go on the record

We're less than a week from the trade deadline so it's time for all the geniuses out there to put their trade thoughts on the record. What will the Sonics due before Thursday's deadline?

I swear to god that a week ago my answer would have been "trade Vladi for Chris Wilcox" but now it's much tougher.

I'm going to say that my #1 prediction is that they trade Reggie anywhere for anything. They have to move him no matter what. My guess is that he goes to Jersey for Plananic and maybe a 2nd round pick in 2007.

#2 is that they trade Flip Murray to Cleveland to replace Larry Hughes who is out due to injury, maybe being lucky enough to get Luke Jackson for Murray and Evans.

#3 is that they trade Rashard Lewis in a very big multi-team deal involving Steve Francis. I have no doubt that they called about the Francis trade, but they just want to be involved. This team has no desire to actually acquire Francis.

I know I'm all over the board here, and I didn't even really address our PG situation very well. But those are the things that come to mind today.