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Daily Roundup Feb 21 '06

Basketball's back after a long weekend and so am I. Your humble correspondent leafing through the dregs of Seattle's sports pages.

What a first game back after a long layoff. The Sonics tangle with the Spurs tonight and apparently there's still bad blood between Bob Hill and Gregg Popovich. Frank Hughes provides more of the same. Cue up War's "Why Can't We Be Friends?" and make your own head movie ...

Gary Washburn contributes what I feel is probably his best article to date on the Sonics. The remainder of the season will be used for player development, as it should be, which will probably leave a lot of fans pissed off come Thursday ...

"I'll tell you what I am committed to," Hill said, "and that's keeping Robert and Johan out there for the rest of the season. I am enjoying watching them learn, it's fun. They have gotten so much better and it's going to help us in the long run."

If the Sonics don't bring back Bob Hill next year it's the worst mistake the team could possibly make in my opinion. This team needed rebuilding, this coach is willing to lose games to get our best prospects minutes. Other coaches won't be.

RIP Curt Gowdy.

Supersonicsoul brings some seriously funny stuff to the table, featuring a Separated At Birth pic you have to see to believe. Niiiiice.