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Daily Roundup Feb 23 '06

Update: Earl Watson's a Sonic.

Second Update: Flip Murray's gone and I am dancing a jig at work right now!!!! Final trade is Flip for Mike Wilks and $500,000. That's a good trade.

Scene: Sonics HQ, Feb 23rd, 2006. Apparently the HQ hasn't seen an outpouring of party hearty spirit since Brian, Scott and your humble narrator attacked the Luxor buffet table with reckless abandon. Ancient Romans would have been proud of both us and Supes management last night.

Okay, even if the only team we can beat this month is the Atlanta Hawks, it's still so sweet to be writing about a win instead of a loss. Chris "Uh, Danny Fortson is actually that guy" Wilcox had a breakout game, scoring 16 points and 7 rebounds in a terrific effort.

But today's the NBA trading deadline and from everything I have heard and read the Sonics have been making calls like crazy sifting through the myriad of crappy offers for the best returns available. Which pretty much rules out anything on the Knicks, thank God...witness this moment of ironic brilliance from the aforementioned Times article:

[Rick Sund and Bob Hill] agreed that Hill should keep Ronald Murray, Reggie Evans and Vitaly Potapenko on the bench in Seattle's 114-109 victory at Phillips Arena, fearing they might get injured and preserving the strong possibility that one, two or all three will be moved before today's noon trade deadline.

As if any of those guys were slated to get minutes anyhow. Tee hee!

A Western Conference executive claiming knowledge of the Sonics' situation said Sund called Minnesota and inquired about guard Marko Jaric, who lost his starting job to newly acquired Marcus Banks. Jaric, a 6-foot-7 guard, is ideal for the Sonics because he would give them a backup for Luke Ridnour.

His contract's better than Earl Watson's. His defense, well ... at least he's trying, people. :D

Gary Washburn thinks Potapenko, Flip and Reggie are all as good as gone, bringing Earl Watson in return. I won't be surprised if that goes down but the more I think about it I'm really okay with not adding any more long term salary for backup players, an ailment that plagued this team in the latter Payton era.

Like steak to a meal , Frank Hughes is the anchor of many a Daily Roundup, providing you with vitamins, minerals and sometimes a heapin' helpin' of ateriosclerosis.

ATLANTA – Watching two of the worst teams in the NBA battle for a meaningless win in late February is sort of like watching two Chihuahuas fight over a stale Cheeto found under the sofa.
They bare their teeth and snarl ferociously, but in the end all they are fighting over is traffic cone-colored crumbs.

Damn. That s**t was straight up Faulknerian.

Here's the latest news on the arena front for those interested. Sounds pretty vague to me, but it's better than the garbage I was hearing from city officials a few weeks ago ...

Ray Allen plans an outing to Disney World for as many as 30 Sonics players and team members today. Sadly, I didn't get my invite, but there's always next year ...

My cell phone just rang bringing you the latest trade deadline poop scoop. Reggie and Ruben Patterson to Denver, Potapenko to Portland, Earl Watson to Seattle. Meanwhile Flip goes to an unspecified Eastern Conference team ... I'd be thrilled to death to swap for JR Smith. About the only trade that wouldn't excite me would be a NY swap as outside of Frye they don't have a single player I would want.

Look for further updates today as we hear them!