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Welcome Back Earl!

The Team has now made this report official with a press release just arriving. Also confirmed is that the pick is a 2008 second rounder:

“We drafted Earl in 2001 after his solid career at UCLA, and it will be great to have him back with the Sonics,” said Sonics General Manager Rick Sund. “With his talent, we’ll have a good flow at the point-guard position. We thank Reggie and Vitaly for their hard work over the past few years and wish them the best of luck in Denver and Sacramento.”

Earl Watson is a Sonic once again. ESPN reports a Three-way deal that brings Watson to Sonics. While Watson's salary will be a source for debate, no one can deny that this upgrades our back court and gives us the solid back up PG we have desperately needed this season. I was a big fan of Earl during his short stint here, it was sad to see him leave after being left off the playoff roster by Nate MacMillan. While Watson is expensive, it is a clear signal that Seattle is willing to spend money to fill the holes in this roster.

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