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It's Been a Disappointing season

The trade deadline is about the most interesting thing in Sonics-land right now,


At least we’re not Knicks fans.

I can only find one reason why the Sonics are so bad this year. I believe, coming into last season that everyone’s role was clearly defined and that led to good play and good chemistry.

Reggie knew going into that season that if he shot anything other than a short put-back, Nate would tear his arm off and start hitting him with it.

The Bulk set screens for Ray and Rashard to shoot and then they crashed the boards.

Luke passed the ball to the guy coming off the hard screens.

Vladi went to the open spot and shot when the ball was passed to him.

Everything worked perfectly, and Nate had a career year.

But the team got drunk with its success in the off-season, and guys that had no business trying to do more than they were capable of came into camp thinking they were going to be special—and then paid accordingly.

There is almost no other way to explain Seattle’s historically bad defensive numbers right now. The only way to be this bad is to have no desire whatsoever about defending the ball. A team has to work to be this bad at defense. They nearly have to will themselves to be that bad.

This season of disappointment could have a good result, though. The Sonics haven’t been bad enough to get a good pick in the draft since GP. That worked out pretty good for the team. Maybe we continue to play this bad (there are only so many chances to play the Hawks, and we’ve now used both of them) and get a special player in the draft.