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Good effort

I have to say that after these last three games on the road, Seattle really surprised me. I was pleasantly surprised to see them compete and win in Atlanta (which I think they should have), and then in Orlando, with only 7 players, to give a great effort and not mail it in. It was a very nice game by Wilcox and Wilkins. Then tonight in Miami, still shorthanded, against one of the best teams in the NBA, to scrap and hustle back from 21 down, to be within one, late in the fourth quarter. It was a great showing by the new kid Mike Wilks (whom most of us had probably not heard of before the trade). He showed off the jets; there is a place for a speed burner in the NBA. It was a decent showing for Wilcox as well, who played a lot of his minutes at the center spot. It would have been easy for the Supes to give it less than 100% effort these last two or 3 games, but it shows professionalism, and intestinal fortitude to scrap, hustle and fight.