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I'd rather be called a terrorist than a moron....

State Representative Hans Dunshee went out of his way yesterday to offend sports fans and victims of terrorism everywhere when he decided to respond to the teams demand for a new arena with the insensitive line “We don’t negotiate with terrorists,”.

It seems strange that Representative Dunshee would go out of his way to associate Howard Schultz with the people responsible for 9/11 and other atrocities. Maybe it was Schultz strong commitment to more affordable health care coverage for working Americans that reeks of communism and therefore terrorism. Possibly Rep. Dunshee is just jealous of polling numbers and feels somewhat threatened that 98% of Schultz employees rate Starbucks an enjoyable place to work. If this didn’t piss off Rep. Dunshee then clearly Starbucks disgusting track record of community service was more than he could bear.

Seeking to get an answer to this open hostility reporter Scott Ulrich contacted Rep. Dunshee and was given a fairly quick and honest reply:

>From: "Dunshee, Rep. Hans"
>To: "Scott Ulrich"
>Subject: RE: Negotiation with Terrorists.
>Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 11:46:04 -0800
>It was the threat as a first step that really ticked me off. I don't
>negotiate with a hammer of a threat over my head.

It was nice of Hans to go out of his way to prove the point of yesterday’s article with his ignorant comment. If he’d bothered to read the Seattle-PI regularly it wouldn’t matter than he doesn’t attend sessions. After reading this article he would have known that the State Legislature reviewed the Sonics proposal more than a year ago:

My favorite part of the article clearly points that this issue has been in front of legislators not one year prior, but two.

“The Sonics last year asked legislators in Olympia to let them use hotel-motel and other taxes to pay off the construction loan on the building and make $180 million in improvements to the arena, including nearly doubling its size.”

All of these comments make me wonder how Rep. Dunshee can really consider the teams latest comments as a “first step”.

I’ll tell you how: The basic concept of these things is that nobody hears anything until a threat is issued or a consequence named. Dunshee and the rest of the legislature listened to the clubs requests for two straight years, but they never really HEARD them until a little muscle was applied. It is the basic reason why the team had no other option but to issue this ultimatum.

If you would like to be involved in keeping our team in Seattle and can offer your support please contact me at . We will be working to clear up the myths, rumors, and bold faced lies put out there by people like Representative Hans Dunshee. Personally I feel that he owes Howard Schultz nothing less than a written retraction and apology for these comments.

More to come on this later