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Sonics vs. Mavs: Pre-game and In-game discussion thread

Discuss tonight's game vs. the Dallas Mavericks here! If you haven't already GO HERE and read Kevin Pelton's excellent Insider Preview. To give you a taste of Kevin's writing, here's a sample that begins his article:

No NBA team enters the first weekend of February hotter than the Dallas Mavericks, who have won 10 straight games by an average of a remarkable 14 points per game to surge to 36-10 on the season. Unfortunately for the Mavericks, they've only gained one game in that span on the Southwest Division-leading San Antonio Spurs, who are 9-1 in that last 10.

As KP says, the Mav's are white hot, and the Sonics are coming off a disappointing loss to start this 4 game road trip. Avery Johnson deserves a lot of credit for what is going on in Dallas. I was among those who thought that Nash leaving would spell the end of the run for the Mav's. I was wrong.

Dirk Nowitski is a nightmare matchup for the entire NBA, so we have to work to limit him to a normal game and try to win on other match ups. If we can get him in the post and punish him a bit and force him to play defense we might be able to get some fouls on him, which tends to cool him off a bit.

And let's all pray together that a bit of whatever it is that powers the Diggler rubs off on the lethargic and lackluster Vlade Ramanovic tonight. I've always wished Vlade would find himself, and that self would be Dirkesque.