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Daily Roundup Feb 8, 2006

As we reported yesterday the Sonics have brought Mateen Cleaves back on board for another 10 days. Whether or not he'll still be here after that remains to be seen. At least until then we demand the Supes FREE MATEEN!

Expect to see a lot more of these kinds of stories ... But wait! There's light at the end of the tunnel ...

The Sonics score their first win on this brutal roundtrip ... uh, metaphorically speaking that is. That's still good news, hell, great news ... I'd much rather be talking about the team, as poorly as it's doing right now, than politics and arena stuff.

Did I mention that the Grammys blow goats? Well, they do.

With this year's team having the worst defensive efficiency rating in history and the losses on the road piling up, it's inevitable that confidence is starting to wane. Reading Coach Hill's words I am more resolute than ever that this team has to make some kind of change, any change, just to break the malaise.

"If this team believed in themselves as much as I believe in them, and see what they're capable of, there would be no problem," Hill said Tuesday at Lloyd Noble Center. "I must be doing a bad problem of conveying that. It's been hard what we've all been through. We've just got to keep working. It's a group of really good guys. There are no bad guys on this roster."

I believe him. But it's time to turn the page and build anew in earnest, the way the Sonics should have been doing before. Right now the team's caught between eras, with a mishmashed roster half of which are halfcourt players and half of which are finesse shooting matadors. Somewhere in the middle there's an identity. As crazy as it sounds, Seattle's only 5 games back of the Lakers for the 8th spot with 35 games to play. . That's absolutely not out of reach but management has to do something to change the culture of losing that's obviously seeped into the locker room. It can be as simple as changing out 1 or 2 guys. I've seen it happen before. And make no mistake, given all this team's gone through this season making the 8th seed would be a truly incredible accomplishment.

Looking forward tonight to seeing Chris Paul and maybe, just maybe, a Bacardi and Cola sighting!