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Daily Roundup Feb 9, 2006

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In spite of the loss the Sonics played a hell of a game last night in the OKC. In particular I thought the frontcourt put on a great performance. Rashard Lewis led the team with 34 points and a shower of 3 pointers. Our dynamic duo Bacardi and Cola chipped in with 18 points, 9 rebs, 2 blocks and 11 fouls in a span of 48 minutes, including a tremendous pick and roll dunk or two by Johan "Cola" Petro. But the Daily Roundup's biggest Shout Out O' The Night has to go to Nick Collison, who had pretty much the best all around game of his career last night, notching 12 pts, 11 rebs, 2 blocks (!) and 2 nassssty assists and only 4 fouls in 33 minutes. Way to go, Nick!

It's been mentioned below in the game thread but I also want to congratulate the Sonics and Vladimir Radmanovic on one of the funniest game promotion commercials I have ever seen. Let's just say it involves a blanket, a good book and Vladi in a state of bliss ....

In other fun Sonics news, the fine folks at must have been as overjoyed as I was to see he only got 3 minutes last night ... Hoo-hah! ! !

More arena news here. #3 in particular is an excellent point. More on that from the P-I here.