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Practice Notes: 02.09.06

Unfortunately I don’t have time to get a full practice summary in today. I’ll preview tomorrow’s article by saying that we have TONS of comments from Coach Bob Hill who took the time to actually draw up recent defensive lapses for reporters. In addition look for a summary of my conversation with Detlef Schrempf regarding the contract negotiations that led him to sign with the Portland Trail Blazers, his relationship with management, and his return to the team.

Hill’s conversation focused very clearly on communication, or lack thereof by this team on the floor. They simply don’t talk to each other enough and it is driving him crazy. In addition he confirmed that he intended to start Nick Collison last night even before learning about injuries to Vladi Radmanovic and strongly hinted that this roster needs an overhaul. Quotes will follow when I dissect nearly 40 minutes of conversation.

Quote of the Day:

“He leads the world in blocked dunks.” Coach Hill said when describing backup guard Flip Murray. I conceded that this is the case if and only if you count dunks which are blocked by the rim.

“Blocked Dunks.” He continued. “Those are always 2 points for the other team. So it’s a 4 point swing. You admire him for wanting to do that, but you puke when he gets it (blocked).”

If Flip makes him want to puke then he must be watching the same games I am. Coach Hill compared Murray to deceased Timberwolves Guard Malik Sealy whom he coached with the Pacers.

“I told (Malik) the next time you do that in a game and you don’t get the ball in the basket I’m taking you out. Sure enough it didn’t mean (crap) to him. He was going to show me that he could dunk on 7 footers and that was it. So I said show me from the bench.”

I really like this line of thinking…

More tonight.