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Daily Roundup Mar 1, '06

Don't call it a comeback. At least not quite.

The new look Sonics featuring Plastic Mask Weekly's pinup du jour Robert Swift, resplendent in a basic New Modernism-inspired design with handy white headband, smoked the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets for 3 quarters last night and held on for a nice 114-104 win at Key Arena. The 4th quarter on the other hand featured the return of Nate McMillan's 2004 Sonic team, chucking 20 ft jumpers at every opportunity and on defense, well I'll just say they took a stab at it. Earl Watson looked pretty rusty early but seeing as he's only had one practice with this team I'm looking for good things to happen in the future.

Daily Roundup's "Day-emmmm!!!!" moments last night were provided courtesy of Chris "No SC Nickname Yet" Wilcox, Johan "Cola" Petro and Nick "Show me the power child, I'd like to say that I dunked in your face today" Collison.

It's been a while since I did a Bacardi and Cola stat line o' the night, so here it is: 40 minutes, 16 pts, 12 rebs, 3 blks, 2 stls and 8 PFs. They get the job done!

Arena news: Time's a wastin'.

In a bit of sad but unexpected news, Danny Fortson's Sonic career is all but over.

Fortson met with coach Bob Hill on Saturday afternoon and told him that he had gotten second and third opinions on his injured left knee and that he was told not to play on it until April – by which time the season will be about over.

In a bit of not really sad and not really unexpected news, Rick Brunson's Sonic career is all but over.

Next up, the defending champion Detroit Pistons on Friday in a sold-out matchup at Key Arena.

Last night was a good start to the remaining 24 games left in the season. If the Sonics manage to win 15-17 of those games that is a really impressive accomplishment given what's happened to the team this year. Hell, even 12-12 in the last 24 is quite an improvement.