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Daily Roundup Mar 10 '06

Man, I've got work rage today. I can't wait for today to be over, to put it bluntly.

Stories like this aren't cheering me up either. My prayers go out to Ralph Lewis' family. That's just horrible.

Every other story I could find was about Marcus Fizer and his tattoos.

Whatever you do, don’t judge Sonics newcomer Marcus Fizer by his tattoos.

Fizer, who signed to a 10-day contract Wednesday, said he once got 18 tattoos in a three-month period and has about 30 in all.

“It’s addictive,” he said.

18 tats in 3 months is quite a few ... I've gotten two in a three-year period and including the ones I had before that, that was enough for now ... I might re-think things if I made an NBA players salary, even a 10-day contract...

Yet another tattoo story.

I take it there wasn't much else to report. So.....

Here's the design for one of mine. It's on my right arm. All of mine are Egyptian themed.