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Burning Question: What would you pay to resign Wilcox?

Since the replies are going well and I'm still not writing I'm going to keep up this series of questions on the off day's. For today the question is what would you be willing to pay to retain Chris Wilcox this summer?

I think you start off by offering him a contract with a mid-level base salary, plus the maximum incentives allowed. Thats a 6 year, $34 million deal that can increase up to about $42 if he does things like average double digit rebounds, make all-star teams, etc. It's about the minimum you can hope for a guy like that to sign for and IMO it is essential that we lock him up this summer. We don't want to do the qualifying offer again as that was a disaster and I expect his value to increase next season. The most I would go is $40 million guaranteed but I really don't like doing that much at all. Your thoughts?