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Daily Roundup Mar 14 06

Amid the many fine discussions of the merits of Chris "Count Dunkula" Wilcox, perhaps no figure in the organization has been more polarizing in discussions this year than Bob Hill.

Ray Allen wants him back.

“What we are doing is great – because of him,” Allen said. “He is putting players in position to do their job and be successful. These (centers) coming out and doing what they do, they wouldn’t be doing it if Hill wasn’t here.

“He incites passion with these guys. He keeps lines of communication open. He gets on you, and at the same time he will reward you positively. Those are the types of things you want from a coach. And I think if you ask each and every one of these guys, they like playing for him.”

Bravo, Ray. I couldn't agree more.

“To me, you are only as good as your players, and to me if you have young players you have to develop them,” Allen said. “Last year and this year, we have talked about how (Swift) is going to be good for the future. All last year, he didn’t play and he didn’t work on any moves before practice, he didn’t do anything. Starting this year, same thing.

“But then when Bob took over, he started getting on him, him and Johan, he started making them work on post games, think the game, understand the game. And how they are playing now is a result of that. I now have hope they will be two All-Stars in the future, I believe that.”

And to Frank's credit he didn't let Ray duck the Bob Weiss issue. Good article, check it out.

I've been reading some criticism around the Web on this story, which personally I find farcical. The criticism, that is. As long as Rashard Lewis has been a Sonic the online fan community has made noises about his passive tendencies on the floor at times. When Bob Hill points it out, some fans find fault with that. Maybe they're sad they didn't get there first?

"I don't care how long he's been in the league, he's still a young person," Hill said after Monday's practice at the Furtado Center. "He's only 26 and he's a sponge. He wants to get better, but he doesn't come to you and say can I do this and how can I do this? But if you go to him, he'll do it and I've learned that about him.

"His last game and a half have been off the charts. He just needs to get more rebounds. Like last night, he was (9 for 17 shooting) and gets two rebounds. He should get six or seven rebounds just hanging out. He should get a blocked shot a game at 6-10. Those things help you."

I don't see the problem with comments like this.

Here's some hard hitting investigative reporting from the Go 2 Guy.

Enjoy the game tonight!

Late edit: I've simply got to link this post from USS Mariner. In lieu of the Bonds steroid thing/ Derek Zumsteg presents Bugs Bunny, the greatest banned baseball player ever. Congratulations on a job well done, DMZ. Hilarious piece of writing.