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Sonics vs. Suns Game Thread

This is the place for your pre-game and in-game comments. Start by reading Kevin Pelton's Insider Preview. A taste of the Insider Preview:

Since Jan. 1, Phoenix's Offensive Rating is 117.2, its Defensive Rating 109.1 - both higher than last year's season marks (116.5 and 108.0). That's right, the Suns have become, again, an extreme offensive team - pending the possible return of Stoudemire and/or Thomas to the lineup.

I would like to see the Sonics slow it down when they can, and pound the Suns inside. We should certainly run when we can, but I don't think we want to get into a footrace with the Suns. It'll be interesting to see how we attempt to slow Steve Nash. He's having an MVP quality season, and if you hope to beat the Suns you have to slow him down.