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Daily Roundup Mar 15 06

Was that a hoops game or a track meet I saw?

Personally I thought the game was pretty exciting. If the Sonics could have managed a better effort on the defensive glass I really think they could have won the game. Offensively Phoenix was a flat out machine ... they didn't miss a beat when the shooters were wide open.

The funniest play and comment of the game by far was the quasi-alley oop thrown to Pat freakin' Burke, who makes Vitaly Potapenko look like Dwane Wade. Kevin Calabro invokes the ghost of Darrell "Marques Lite" Walker, "K.Y.P. Gotta know your personnel!!!"

Frank Hughes writes that Detlef could be a part owner of the Portland Trailblazers? Interesting ...

Speaking of the Blazers, I don't think they even scored as many points at the end of the game as Phoenix had by halftime last night. Ouch. That's one ugly box score.

Bacardi and Cola update: 6 pts 11 rebs in 16 minutes. Not the most distinguished outing for the Dynamic Duo.

Last night also featured the first extended look at a Bob Hill smallball lineup, featuring Watson, Luke, Damien, Ray and Rashard. I can understand why he didn't go to it until late but it was effective for a short stretch ... the Supes just couldn't buy a rebound last night and Phoenix continues to be a matchup nightmare in the regular season. Watching those guys play is like watching someone play NBA Live. They just don't miss.

Mario Elie sends get well wishes to Brian from back in time.