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Daily Roundup Mar 16 06

Earl Watson - the perfect Sonic backup guard.

"When I got here, they [Sonics management] told me they wanted me to play an A.D. [Antonio Daniels] type of role, and that's cool with me," Watson said after Wednesday's practice at the Furtado Center. "Look, I'm not here to make any waves. I just want to help this team win as many games as we can, set a good foundation for next season and get back to the playoffs."

And there's more. Nice work, P.

Among the injuries to the Sixers for tonight's matchup: In addition to AI's sprained ankle, Bizarrest NBA Contract Award Winner Kevin "Roly Poly" Ollie has sprained his in solidarity and Jamal "I'm still in the NBA?" Mashburn has a bum knee.

I'm a big Alan Moore fan. I hope not to be disappointed. I'll let you know Monday or Tuesday.

Sorry Bob Hill haters! Frank Hughes writes that Hill is already under contract through next year. I suspected that he was when he was named head coach shortly after taking over for Bob Weiss, this confirms it.

Not only did the team bring the rest of this season’s contract in line with other coaches who have taken over in the middle of a season, but they gave him a contract for next season as well – at their discretion. Hill confirmed the additional year Wednesday night.

“I agreed at the time to one year,” Hill said. “That is all arbitrary at the end. If they are happy with what I have done, we will talk about it.

“Next year is not so much about money for me as much as getting the team back to where it belongs and doing it the way that it needs to be done. When this is over, I am sure that we will sit down pretty quickly and there will be decisions made and we will go from there.

“I want to win a championship before I die,” Hill said. “That is the truth. Money has nothing to do with it. The money is secondary to that to me. I am different that way. I really, really like this team. I think this team has a real chance to be really, really good. I want to create the foundation to build that.”

Edit: I'd like to apologize to Mr. Baker for forgetting to include the following VERY hilarious and worthwhile reading in today's Daily Roundup:

The Idiocy of Isiah Thomas, Exposed

Andy Rooney couldn't be prouder of this commentary on the NBA playoffs.

Re the Mayor Nickels thing, I'll just say it's pretty clear that the City of Seattle's elected officials have been a complete disgrace to the city and region throughout this process. I've lived a lot of places in my life and if there's one thing I've learned, in civic revitalization Seattle's obsessed with doing important projects on the cheap. When you do things on the cheap, you end up having to re-do them again and spend more money in the process. Let's just try to get this right for once.