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General Musings

Earl Watson is a difference maker:

When the team was looking to acquire Watson starting in about December there were always two sides to the coin. On one hand there was a very legitimate concern that Watson lacked the size to play with Luke Ridnour or provide any type of change of pace at the guard position. On the other it could be pointed out that he was a substantially more defensive oriented player than any member of the Sonics squad.

There was a legitimate question about whether Earl’s size would be a problem which could not be overcome. That question appears to have been answered with a resounding yes. If that is the case then his defensive tenacity, seemingly instant rapport with the team, and surprising ability to score make him well worth the remaining 4 year commitment the Sonics have to him contractually.

I like those Swifts:

At the Phoenix game earlier this week I had a chance to meet up with Robert Swift’s parents, Bruce and Rhonda. Let’s just say for the record that they meet my basic criteria for being good people: They were good to my kids.

I read a lot into how people treat my children and the Swifts were extremely nice to my daughter. In addition I came away from the game feeling convinced that the family enjoys this area and that Robert has an excellent support network in place. It is essential for young athletes to have some type of basic support as they enter the tough world of the NBA. When Rashard Lewis moved to Seattle he had family members relocate from Houston. Robert has his entire clan with him. They were nice, friendly, and CLEARLY very involved in their son’s life. Good for them.

Does Danny Get it?

Most readers know that Danny Fortson is one of my favorite people on the team. While he can be frustrating as a player his charisma off the court is simply amazing. I love the guy.

As much as I love Danny it isn’t too hard to see the writing on the wall when his jersey is offered on sale for $20.00, the same price as that of recently traded Vladi Radmanovic. That is why I was not too surprised to come across an article from Percy Allen speculating that Fortson is likely to be traded this summer. What did surprise me were the comments contained in the article.

Normally quotes from Fortson make me wince. As much as I like him his comments regarding the team, teammates, and his own relationships are almost entirely detrimental to his standing with the organization. The guy does not seem to understand the fact that the media is simply hungry for the type of inflammatory comments that he tosses around in every conversation. In this particular article Danny seemed significantly more apologetic and understanding of the situation.

“The organization has been good to me and have done all that they could, but it’s hard to feel like you’re a part of team,” he was quoted as saying in this morning’s Seattle Times.. “I can’t lie about that. I’m not out there with them. It’s hard.”

I want to offer some kudos to #21 for not laying blame for this situation entirely at the feet of the organization. It is a noted departure from past comments not only towards the Sonics, but also to his other past teams. It is a small step, but I for one hope that it is a sign of the guy maturing, and hopefully being a part of the squad next season.

Coming Soon:

No there have not been many articles out of me lately. When the Sonics gave me the boot right during the dog days I actually decided to pay attention to my family and business for a bit. Thanks to all readers for their patience and my compadres on the site for filling space. Look for a piece on the future development of this roster to be done before the weekend is over.