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Daily Roundup Mar 2, '06

The Sonics have released Bryon Russell.

As Woody Guthrie would say "so long, it's been good to know ye ..." although I guess we never really did get to meet ... ah nevermind.

A KeyArena remodel could go to a public vote. What for? This state has proved time and again they'll override public votes. Just build it and get on with it.

Kudos to Gary Washburn for a great article on Luke Ridnour which has been a long time coming. I'm glad somebody finally wrote this piece. For all the criticism Luke gets here and elsewhere I do think people overlook what he is able to bring to this team.

While the Sonics players lobbied for Weiss to get the job last summer, several slowly realized his system wasn't translating into success or development of the younger players. Ridnour may have been the biggest victim of that experiment, and it cost him nearly half his season.

"There was no flow, no consistency and no pick-and-rolls," Ridnour said Wednesday after practice at Furtado Center. "We weren't running. We talked about how we wanted to run and didn't. The bottom line is we didn't do it at all. It was tough, but it was perseverance time for me."

And for us too ....

You can also view the crushing smallmindedness and bandwagon jumping of Seattle sports fans in the Daily Poll on the front page of the P-I. Half the people that voted in this poll will be the first people in line for tickets next time this team is good. And they're also the same pathetic fairweather idiots that jumped on the Ms badwagon in 95 and '01 and jumped off a year later. Screw fairweather Seattle fans.

Frank Hughes' latest arena proposal here for those that care. Which is apparently about 48% of us.