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Daily Roundup Mar 24 06

Thank God It's Friday!

This is the most hilarious name I've heard or read in the news for probably the last year or so.

What do you suppose an album by that guy would sound like?

In other music news ... sorry but I just don't see what's so good about these guys. Overrated whiny Brit mope-rock. It's been done before and far better by the Smiths, among others.

From the Brushback:

"Phil Jackson Working On New Book Disparaging Rest Of Lakers
LOS ANGELES--Lakers coach Phil Jackson is currently working on a sequel to his book “The Last Season” in which he bashes everybody on the Lakers except Kobe Bryant. “The Last Season” focused mainly on Bryant.
“I wanted to expand on my first book and really delve into how horrible the rest of this team is,” said Jackson, whose Lakers have been hovering around .500 all year. "It's not fair to Kobe to just disparage him. Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, even little Smush Parker – they’re all going to be in there, and they’re all going to be torn to shreds. After that I’m going to retire because nobody else is going to want to play for me ever again.”

OK on to Sonics related stuff now so I can wipe the memory of Adam Morrison's crying peach fuzzy mug outta my gray matter. Crap, it's still there ...

Frank Hughes writes that Chris "Count Dunkula" Wilcox has likely supplanted Nick Collison as the Sonics starting power forward even if Nick returns this season. That's not really surprising, is it? And at the bottom there's a tantalizing note:

Sonics coach Bob Hill said he would like to experiment with centers Johan Petro and Robert Swift on the floor at the same time in the next few games.

I wonder if we'll see it tonight vs. Denver?

Following in Ray Allen's footsteps just a week or so ago, Rashard Lewis also wants Bob Hill to return as head coach of the Sonics next year.

"I most definitely would like him back as a head coach," Lewis said. "He gives everybody responsibility and expects everybody to do it. And that's a great way to coach the game. He's making everybody hold accountable to themselves.

"I think we need a coach like that. He told me that I could be 50 percent better and gave me a program for the summer. I am excited at the possibility of playing for him next season."

I don't see how this can be construed as anything but a positive development, although I'm sure there's a few posters on a certain board who'll disagree ...especially after Hill's statements about Rashard playing up to 65% of his potential. It's true Rashard did sign off on the Bob Weiss disaster but I for one cannot help feeling that the team's situation and motivation is totally different than it was then.

Go Dawgs!