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Daily Roundup Mar 27 06

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What a performance yesterday by Ray Allen...magnificent game to wash the taste of a Husky loss away ...

I particularly liked the way this team played down the stretch ... terrific execution and guts. Way to go guys!

And there's nothing like Some Bruce Bowen-Ray Allen fireworks to charge things up, huh?

The philosophy of coward basketball defined.

“It’s just dirty basketball,” Allen said. “I like the competition, I don’t mind somebody going at me on both ends of the floor. But when guys start throwing elbows and kick you when you are down, that is dirty basketball. I don’t respect that.

“I just think that is coward basketball. I thought he should have been kicked out of the game. He should be fined.”

And what about Robert Horry? Does he just stay in semi-retirement until the Final Four rolls around before he slaps on a pair of sneakers? At this rate he might play another 10 years.

The Sonics discuss Eva Longoria, who I'm sure was a hot topic of discussion at Danny's party last night,right Brian? I can't imagine the Go 2 Guy was there, but I could be wrong .... inquiring minds want to know ...

RIP Stanislaw Lem, one of my favorite authors of all time. Thanks for "The Cyberiad" in particular.

My thoughts also go out to the families and friends of the seven people killed in a terrible massacre in Seattle this weekend. May you find peace and serenity amidst this tragedy.