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Daily Roundup Mar 29 06


And how about that Johan Petro? 15 points including two sweet elbow jumpers and FOUR blocked shots. I haven't looked up the Sonics record in close games this month and don't really have time to now (gotta get this roundup out before my boss rolls in) but it sure seems like the Sonics are winning these tight games under Hill.

The Sonics had lost to the Grizzlies by 25 points on two occasions by doubling Gasol and allowing Memphis' perimeter shooters to take open 3-pointers. After watching film of the Grizzlies' win at New York last Friday, Hill decided to change the defensive strategy.

"We weren't going to double-team Gasol, I didn't care of if he had 80 points," Hill said. "We just weren't going to double. I said before the game, I don't care if he gets 50."

A strategy which had me frustrated around halftime, but seemed to pay off in the second half.

I was talking to Brian on the phone yesterday wondering if the Sonics ended up keeping their pick and taking Tiago Splitter, could he eventually be a player like Gasol? Seattle certainly has the luxury of being able to leave him in Europe another year if they chose. Just thinking out loud ...

And certainly hoping that Rashard Lewis' ankle gets better quickly. Having done the land-on-some-other-guy's-ankle-holy-crap-that-hurts dance myself I can appreciate how badly that can hurt.

If Lewis can't go tonight that sets the stage for an interesting battle with Houston -- No Shard, no T-Mac.

Following up on old news ... Bruce Bowen was fined $10,000 by the NBA for kicking Ray Allen in the back.

And in the same note:

Coach Bob Hill commended Luke Ridnour for his recent four-game stint. Ridnour played one of his poorest games of the season March 21 at Sacramento after publicly complaining about his diminishing role on the team.

Lately, Ridnour has been on a tear and was steady in Tuesday's victory. He finished with 11 points, seven assists and three steals.

True enough. Nice game, Luke.