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Daily Roundup Mar 30 06

If you missed the game last night, consider yourself lucky. After two spirited wins over teams heading to the playoffs the Sonics got whooped by a team with a nearly identical record. This title from the Houston Chronicle sums it up well:

Rockets enjoy rare laugher

"There was a fraction of a second Wednesday night when the Rockets were not whipping the SuperSonics. By the time the game's first second ended, however, the rout was on."

Frank Hughes offers a similar assessment.

From opening tip, it’s all downhill for Sonics

It was almost predictable that it was going to be that type of game when Sea-ttle SuperSonics rookie center Johan Petro was called for a foul on the opening tip. And that was the highlight of the evening.

If the turning point in the game happens during the opening tip, you better hope you win the opening tip.

The Dance Team Is Winning!

Kudos to Sonics fans for voting for the Sonics Dance team. Here's the updated bracket!

Percy Allen (Seattle Times) decided to report on what Rashard Lewis was wearing, rather than dwell on too many details about the game.

Percy Allen also reports that Bob Hill, Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis are lobbying for some veteran front court help in the offseason. Mikki Moore hopes to convince the team that he is just the veteran they are looking for.

"I'm trying to show that I need to be in the rotation next season," Moore said before Seattle's 115-87 defeat against Houston. "At the beginning of this season, my injury [sore left knee] in the preseason kind of put me back. Right now I'm trying to show that I'm supposed to be in the rotation.

"I'll be around this entire summer. Hopefully they won't draft anyone in my position. I just want to make sure that I got my position on lockdown."

Garnett Watch

I know there are some Sonics fans dreaming of acquiring Kevin Garnett, this AP report may dash your hopes a bit.