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Seattle Council/Sonics Miss the State Date for Arena Deal

As reported in the Seattle PI's Chris McGann, "The Seattle Sonics brought it down to the buzzer Saturday but Legislation the team needed secure tax dollars for a $220 million remodel at KeyArena died after negotiations broke down.

Gov. Christine Gregoire and a bipartisan team of legislators working the deal said the Sonics and the City of Seattle had failed to come up with a solid plan for them to consider."

Well, all is not lost, but it becomes less predictable for the fans of the team.
We may all be reaching, grasping for answers that would resolve it all.
Here is the nutshell:
The city wants some money from the Sonics, control of the arena, no extention of taxes unless it's for a self cleaning toilet, and to please nobody and not make anybody unhappy by doing nothing. Welcome to Seattle City Council.
The Sonics want a free building, to control the money, pay little rent, no vote or ignore a vote (what the Mariners and seahawks have), a situation that would make money so they can find a buyer and make money where the NBA money is really made.
Well, maybe not the nutshell, but just nuts.

Today on NBA Access with Frank Hughes on KJR this afternoon Frank mused that maybe the Sonic could sell to Allen, Allen sell the Blazers, but he didn't say much past that. I joked about that very thing on this blog.
The world is likely more complicated than that, and so we wait for a few days while the Sonics play another card.

As a side note, Frank said on KJR today on his show, yes, every Saturday the best basketball talk on local radio shows up to deliver what the rest can't, he said he had never seen such a bad locker room as the Sonics this year. That has changed since the trades and he expects the team to play much better. Players are happier, they are making the effort for each other.
Also, Frank said that coach Hill told him today that the last play of the Piston's game was supposed to have Ray pass off Hamilton to Rashard under the basket where the Pistons set a baseline pick. Nobody rotated, oddly enough, I joked about that as well, here on the blog.

You know, I should learn to trust my gut more, and the emotion of the moment less.
My gut says that the Sonics stay in Seattle, maybe they sell to new owners. Question is, does TraderBob show up with somebody elses money to buy the team? Don't laugh, it's possible.