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Daily Roundup Mar 6 '06

What a difference a day makes!

I've written before in this space about my irrational hatred for the Utah Jazz and last night was a splendid reward for me. The Sonics did to the Jazz what Crash did to Brokeback Mountain in the Oscar race last night. Newest Sonic Noel Felix had the loudest 2 point 1 rebound game I think I've ever witnessed. Earl "Bugs" Watson chipped in 10 pts, 7 dimes and 5 boards in the effort as well as some tiiight alley oops to Chris Wilcox, who is rapidly relegating Radmanovic to milk-carton status ...

I can't say enough about Wilcox's ability to run the floor, set picks and play above the rim. After far too many years of watching countless worthless frontcourt players it's about damn time the Supes started playing above the rim. I was sturck last night about how closely the Jazz are to Nate McMillan's ideal team, low possession, highly efficient but with a plodding frontcourt. Utah simply had no answer for Seattle's 7 footers ... any of them, and when the Sonics can bring 7 ft Mikki Moore off the bench to counter Ostertag, I say if we give this team time to gel and retain Bob Hill going into next year they will surprise people. The attitude is not only different but the actual talent core they're building from is much, MUCH better than it was earlier in the year.

Bacardi and Cola stat line o' the night: 38 minutes, 12 pts, 13 rebs, 2 stls and 4 blocks. Niice

Did I mention I got a speeding ticket this morning? $91 ...stay away from Shoreline boys and girls...

On that note, I want to say that I can't think of a more perfect jersey for Flip to wear than #2. Think about it.

The honeymoon's over between Paul Allen and Portland. For every poster who used to crow about Allen's genius in hiring Bob Whitsett and holding him up as some paragon of NBA owner virtue, I suggest you read the following story and see just how ugly it can get.