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Daily Roundup Mar 7 '06

Major props to Luke Ridnour for being named to the USA basketball team !

Arena news: Gov. Gregoire puts the Seattle City Council on notice to get something done with KeyArena, and it's about time. I suggest starting with removing Nick Licata before he puts his foot in his mouth again. As you no doubt recall during the hustling, bustling days of last year Sonic management asked both the City Council and the State legislature about a new arena and were rebuffed. Fast forward to this year and human Port-O-Sans like Nick Licata and the state representative from Mill Creek who compared Howard Schultz to a terrorist basically claimed they didn't know anything about the Sonic poposal. Where were you guys last year?

In a related story, Mercer Arena sits empty and tenantless. I'm including this story to show that more than the Key needs a facelift down in Seattle Center.

As Sonicscentral reported yesterday, Nick is expected to be out a month with a plantar fascia injury.

Sonics forward Nick Collison's roller-coaster season took another downward turn on Monday. An MRI exam revealed a partial tear of the plantar fascia in his left foot that will require a four-week recovery.

So far Mikki Moore, Noel Felix and Chris Wilcox seem to be the beneficiaries of this mishap. We'll see tomorrow night how the rotation shakes out, but this team's going to be shorthanded again.

Off-topic but maybe draft relevant: Congrats to Brandon Roy on being named Pac-10 Player of the Year. Roy's having a truly great season this year and would look great in Sonic green next year.

Supersonicsoul's getting funnier and funnier every time I read it. It's been far too long since I gave Pete some props inthis space, so go check him out today.

RIP Kirby Puckett.