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Daily Roundup Mar 8, '06

I like the new font! Easier to read.

Hey you!

Yeah, you there in front of the computer. Are you ticked that the Sonics didn't get their due at the All-Star Game? Want to get your revenge against the East Coast bias that permeates the mainstrem press these days? Well, the Daily Roundup's here to help you whilst also helping out some of our favorite ladies ... the Sonics Dance Team. You know who I'm talking about. These are the hard-workin' girls that bring life to weary timeouts, accompanied by rump-shakin' bass and one of my favorite drum n'bass riffs that I can't seem to buy anywhere ... "Supersonic Love". Get your cyberbooty outta that chair and VOTE HERE. Now, dammit! Go vote and then come back and read the rest of this.

We've been talking about the Memphis Grizzlies in the comments section the past couple of days ... now tonight we get to see them in action, specifically Shane Battier, second banana and floor facilitator extraordinaire. Between rain and snowstorms and voting for the Sonics dance team, I know you'll be glued to the tube tonight. Just as it should be.

I been to Memphis once before. I remember it as the home of some damn good 'cue restaurants on Beale Street, The Gibson guitar factory, Sun Records, and of course Graceland. Graceland is a pretty funny place. It's got kind of a white trash shrine aura around it. I really believe every American should visit there at least once if for no other reason to learn that Elvis was not only one wacked out interior decorator, but also a guy whose basic three food groups were vicodin, quaaludes and deep-fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. You seriously won't believe some of the stuff they've got there. They got a place that used to be the King's racquetball court that's been turned into a storeroom for just his platinum records and his Vegas jumpsuits. It .... defies description. Anyhoo, I spent three days there and didn't eat one single green vegetable. Bliss.

Back to Sonics stuff ~ Nick's going to make good use of the time he's out. Here's a warm and fuzzy article about a warm and fuzzy guy, written by a warm and fuzzy guy. Movin' on ...

Props to Percy Allen on a sweet Wilcox article in today's Times ... I gotta come up with a nickname for this guy, but I can't find anything that sticks. Help me out ...

Gary Washburn chips in with a record-tying third player piece today, this one about Earl "Bugs" Watson.

And last but not least, give Pete a visit over at Supersonicsoul, where he's got a great discussion going on about his personal Olympic team. Good stuff Pete.

Okay, I'm out for now ... if I hear anything new about Fizer I'll drop you guys a line. Looking forward to another ass-kicking night out of Bacardi and Cola starting round about 7 PM. Y'all check it out now, hear?