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Daily Roundup Mar 9 '06

From the ashes of a terrible Sonics loss to the Grizz last night rises a new Sonic hero. Named by one of our very own posters, he rises every night to stake his claim to the hoop in a furious explosion of power and fury.

Readers of the Daily Roundup, Sonic fans, and assorted cybersurfers, I give you Count Dunkula*.

He flies, he runs, he dunks. A lot.

A moment here to discuss the game. I thought for the most part Rashard's shot selection was lousy ... too many 3s too early in the possession. The team was getting good looks off the pick and roll but just couldn't convert open jumpers. And the Sonic effort on the defensive glass was so limp wristed it belonged in a Pet Shop Boys video. Gary Washburn can fill you in on the details while I pull a Bob Hill and go puke.

Nice pic of Pau Gasol after smoking six grams of crack in this article. That's one angry bearded guy.

Silver lining: Johan "Cola" Petro had a real nice game in my opinion. 10 pts 11 rebs, only 3 fouls in 28 minutes on 4-9 shooting from the field. Show me more !

*props to Sonicscentral poster HomerSonic for the 'dub.