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Breaking News - Sonics Ownership to Sell Team has recently learned that Basketball Club of Seattle LLC, the present ownership group, intends to sell the team to a local group of investors headed by former Sleep Country USA mattress mogul Sunny Kobe Cook. The investor group also includes Pearl Jam members Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament and Northwest cooking icon Tom Douglas. The group indicated its intention to buy the team recently through its new Vice President of Broadcast Sales, a Ballard real estate mogul who insisted I not print his name until the deal was approved by the NBA.

"This is a fabulous opportunity for both sides as well as the fans of Seattle," said V.P.B.S. "We've put together a consortium of legendary local figures that should be beloved by the populace of Seattle and Western Washington. I intend to comb the Internet message boards for early reaction ... public opinion is very important to us."

V.P.B.S. went on to describe the imagined structure of the new Sonic organization, which keeps some team and organization personnel intact but doesn't include a place for current team president Wally Walker.

"Ideally we'd like to see someone with a proven track record of running multiple organizations successfully as our new figurehead. I have it on good authority that as soon as the NBA Board of Governors allows this sale, our director Ms. Kobe Cook is authorized to begin negotiations to hire Isiah Thomas away from the New York Knicks organization. We feel that he is the kind of recognizable NBA presence this city needs to foster a positive relationship with the local community both now and in the future."

Stay tuned to for further details as they develop.