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Daily Roundup Apr 11 06

The best thing you'll read on the Sonics today. Thanks to Mr. Baker for tipping me to it.

As noted on yesterday, Chris Wilcox has been named Player of the Week for the Western Conference. And a deserved nomination it is.

Prior commitments will keep me from watching tonights matchup vs. the Spurs ... I gotta get Tivo or something ... but if they win tonight's game that's a remarkable turnaround since the trade deadline.

Life's a bowl of cherries at Sonic practice these days if you believe Gary Washburn. Lots of great quotes in this piece.

Gotta run ... have a great day and GO SONICS!

Edit: I'm back. Don't miss Frank Hughes' piece on Bob Hill in the TNT today.

Hill has said all along that he will not worry about his job status and that it is up to the team’s decision-makers.

But when he was pressed on the subject after the Sonics’ practice at Trinity University on Monday evening, he admitted that even with six games left, including tonight’s against the Spurs, he feels he has done a good enough job to warrant being given another season.

“I think I have done enough to deserve a chance to have a training camp,” Hill said. “Again, that is not for me to say. (But) we have done everything. We have reached them, we have improved the defense, we have given them an identity on offense, we have given them a style of play that fits them. We have set the rotations, we are scoring more points, guys are playing at a higher level. We have done a lot of things. That is not all me, that is everybody, the entire staff.”

I agree and will go so far to say that if management doesn't pick up Hill's option, they're fools.