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Game Thread: Sonics vs. Spurs

The place for your pre-game and in-game comments. To prep yourself for the game read Kevin Pelton's Insider Preview. Kev says:

The bottom line for the Spurs is that they have very little margin for error over their final five games. Last week, San Antonio cost itself with a loss to Sacramento at the AT&T Center. Going back a couple of weeks, the Spurs only loss since December to a team that is not currently in the playoff hunt came against ... your Seattle SuperSonics, who handed San Antonio a 106-102 defeat at KeyArena on March 26 thanks to Ray Allen's game-winning 3-pointer in the closing seconds.

An interesting read on the Spurs site talks about their international scouting.

If you are like regular poster TK and you like stats, this will be an interesting article - "Blueprint for an NBA Championship Team".

Ray Allen is currently #13 in the Roland Ratings.