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Game Thread: Sonics vs. Hornets

Your place for pre-game and in-game discussion. Read Kevin Pelton's Insider Preview.
Should be interesting to see how the Sonics bounce back from last night. Hopefully we find a way to make a better percentage of shots. Should be interesting to see how we match up against David West with Wilcox playing well, and Nick Collison back.

Kevin Pelton writes:

The Hornets slide has been caused by a defensive collapse. In the NBA's top ten in Defensive Rating as of the end of February, the Hornets have posted a 114.6 Defensive Rating - one of the worst in the league - since then. Over the last 21 games, New Orleans/Oklahoma City opponents have been shooting a sizzling 47.6% from the field and 37.7% from 3-point range, as compared to 44.9% and 35.3% over the first four months of the season.

Go Sonics!