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Daily Roundup Apr 12 06

As I mentioned yesterday, I wasn't able to watch the Spurs game last night but it doesn't look like I missed much. Even without Manu Ginobili, and an ailing Tony Parker (can we finally put to rest the notion that guys can't hoop with the flu?) the Spurs stomped the ever-living crap out of your Seattle Supersonics last night 104-95.

Looks like Seattle had serious problems with Michael Finley ... I look for them to get back on track tonight vs. the Hornets, a game I will be able to watch ... at last!

In semi-Sonics related news, The Seattle Weekly of all places drops a mini-bomb on repugnant Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna for opining that the public doesn't have a right to know team finance statements for the Seahawks. This despite the fact that the original agreement for using public money to build Qwest Field requires just that. Your elected officials, Washingtonians.

Edit: Here's a Where Are They Now? piece on former Sonic Don Smith aka Zaid Abdul-Aziz.