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Daily Roundup Apr 14 06

Thank God It's Friday!

Sonics with the matchup vs. the Clipp Joint tonight at the Key, 'round 'bout 7:30, but the big news today is David Stern throwing gasoline on the fire of the arena debate.

Now this is just getting stupid. Howard Schultz should be on the phone to Stern today telling him to knock it off...all that can come of this is more aggravation. Not to mention that it's hardly fair to start calling out individual cities in his league when the overall economic model is clearly problematic, if not broken.

The Knicks are so awful Larry Brown was hospitalized again last night. My best wishes to LB and hopes for a speedy recovery. Take it easy coach.

Props to Percy Allen on a great Chris Wilcox article. This encapsulates what CW has brought to the team in the short time he's been here.

Steve Kelley decides to weigh in with his twice-yearly article where he actually doesn't rip the Sonics. When's the last time you were at practice, Steve?

Hopefully CW is able to play tonight and we can watch a Wilcox-Radman throwdown...that'd be cool ...

And I've got to give Pete of Supersonicsoul props for his Washington State quarter designs. Niiice.