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Can Allen Really Buy the Sonics?

So it seems like the long talked about courtship between Paul Allen and the Sonics is starting to gain some steam. Could it really happen?

Two weeks ago I tell you that the answer is no, but I'm starting to change my tune. When I think about it there is a common factor between Allen, the Sonics, and the City that really needs all parties to get together-The Seattle Center.

It hasn't been talked about in relation to the Sonics but Key Arena is not the only failing anchor tenant at our city's central destination. Paul Allen's own Experience Music Project is a failure in progress. According to the Seattle PI it's attendance is less than half of what was projected and things are getting worse, not better.

The city continues to need to address the overall picture at the Seattle Center or risk having a complete bankruptcy of the facility. Can you imagine an empty EMP and Key Arena? Given this common denominator it makes a lot of sense for Allen to get involved with the city and the team now that he has publicly announced his intentions to divest himself of Portland's team.

Here's the scary part: Just look what Allen has done to the Blazers, the EMP, and just about everything else he's touched that is not named Microsoft. The guy's track record is simply not good.

Is there really a chance that Allen buys the Sonics? Would it be a good thing if it happened? What are your thoughts?