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The Unjustified Backlash towards Howard Schultz

I'm just taking a bit of time out of my vacation to watch CNBC's special focus on Howard Schultz and Starbucks where the station spends several months with the Sonics majority owner.

I have been a huge advocate of Schultz in the past. I'm in the coffee business and think the man is not only a genius, but truly one of the greatest industry and civic leaders of our time.

What I don't understand in the slightest is how, in the process of buying and operating this team I read negative opinions of him every day. It borders on obsessive hatred culminating in the banner yesterday asking him to sell. [Edit-The message "FIRE WALLY!SELL HOWARD!" was held on a sign by a fan, the banner flown read "Fire Wally, Stay Sonics!" and did not mention Schultz]

I want to open this thread for people to talk about their feelings towards Schultz and if you don't like him give some backup. I also want to encourage people to look up his resume, awards, and check out this CNBC coverage. The guy has something like a 96% approval rating amongst his own employees and has won MULTIPLE humanitarian awards for good citizenship. How could anybody in this city hate him? Give specific reasons, not just WALLY STINKS

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