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Stay tuned

We the staff of are working up an end of the year report card for the team. We are in the process of doing our individual ratings, and then Xteve will be combining them into a single article on the team from our perspective. Since it is a compliation of our thoughts it takes a bit of time to compile and edit, but from what I've seen so far it's good thoughts.

As a teaser, here's my review of 2 players:

Nick Collison: B-. Nick struggled at times this year, coming off of an impressive playoff run last season. Injuries took their toll, as did personal issues off court. While some thought that Chris Wilcox may have made him expendable, I think there is reason to keep Collison around. He needs to work on his mid-range jump shot, and continue to improve his finishing at the rim. Collison plays defense, and seems to play some of the best players in the league quite well. As long as players like Tim Duncan are in the league, Collison will have a role. Collison showed improvement this past season, just not as much improvement as many had hoped/expected, myself included. I appreciate a lot of the intangibles that Nick brings when he is on the floor.

Mike Wilks: NA. Wilkes is incredibly valuable in that I no longer have to consider throwing a brick at the television every time Flip Murray makes a bad play. In his spot duty Wilks showed that he can play, but that he is not likely to replace either of the other PG's on our roster.