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The CRAZY Offseason Prediction Thread

We all know how this offseason is likely to go: Draft a deep bench guy, bring over Gelabele, and resign our own guys to build upon last year's success... BORING!

This is the crazy offseason prediction thread. Things that are possible, that would be eye catching, but that could happen. Who do we package Danny Fortson and our pick for? Do we move Rashard in a mega-deal?

You make it up even though it will likely never happen.

Heres's my primer:

1) The Sonics trade Rashard Lewis, Danny Fortson, Johan Petro, and the #11 overall pick to the Indiana Pacers for Jermaine O'Neil and the Pacers Pick. David Lee is the reason this probably doesn't happen, but it's a lot of talent for one guy. This only happens if the Pacers are completely blowing things up.

2) The Sonics trade Damien Wilkens, Danny Fortson, and their #11 overall pick to the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for Jamal Magloire. Either Robert Swift or Johan Petro moved in a seperate deal.

I have a few other oddball concepts for the offseason, but mainly want to hear yours. Rampant speculation allowed. This thread is for fun only so draft, free agency, trades, whatever. Give your ideas here.