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2006 Sonics Report Card - Chris Wilcox

Scott: B

He'd get A's all across if we only rated one week. Last couple weeks he may have been more slowed by injury than the media let on. Key to Sonics off-season.

SonicsMan: B

He played great for us but I would exchange one oop a game for a block.

Mr. Baker: B-

He's one dimensional right now, fortunately for the Sonics it is the third dimension, and he's
added "up" as a possible direction for a pass to go.

John: B

I was just as excited as any other Sonics fan about his Player of the Week play, but I hope everyone else was as concerned as I about the next week when he was the player the Clippers were willing to trade. The words trailing him out of Clipperland was unfulfilled potential based on desire. Did we see that the last week, or was it just injury? We'll find out, but I hope not to the tune of over 7 million a year.

Brian Robinson: B+

His injury may have saved us a ton of money. Until he displays consistency I don't care how many 20 point games he has, there's still reason to complain. Still I think he is a guy who really got it when he had minutes and I also was impressed that we heard absolutely nothing about a poor work ethic or attitude. He may be the best dunker I have ever seen, including Kemp.

Steve: B

Along with Bob Hill, one of the only two reasons to watch the team in 2006. Make no mistake, he is as lost on defense as Petro is most of the time. But he is one of just a handful of PF/Cs in the NBA that is truly unguardable in transition. I watched a rerun of a game shortly afterthe trade and Wilcox is one of the quickest players in the NBA at running the floor. As long as he continues to keep that up he will be a valuable player to the Sonics. What he needs to do more of is rebound, especially defensively. Often he positions himself poorly to even be in the right place to grab the ball as it comes off the backboard, so I don't know if it's an effort thing or if he just doesn't have a feel for the angles or that facet of the game at all. One way or another some team will overpay him this summer and the Sonics will be compelled to match. I don't really mind. Wilcox is only 23 and unless he gets a max deal or a horrific injury he will still be a very tradable player at that age. He and Collison make a nice platoon at the PF spot. Considering that he replaced a totally redundant 3 point chucker in Vladi Radmanovic who was also an indifferent defender obviously this move has worked out well for Seattle so far. Let's check in again next year.