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2006 Sonics Report Card - Earl Watson

Big Chris: A-

Watson was an excellent addition to the Sonics. He brings much of what Antonio Daniels brought to the Sonics last season. Watson is a very good defender, and can get things going on the offensive end. I am not among those who see him supplanting Luke Ridnour as the starting PG. Watson does not yet have the knack a pure PG has of delivering the ball at the exact right time and place for shooters (Ray and Rashard) to take advantage. If Watson can continue to improve on offensive, while maintaining his defense, he will be a valuable asset for years to come.

Scott: B+

One half of deal that changed this teams fortunes. Kinda hard to give him higher grade based on 1/3 of a
season, solidified backcourt and works well with both Luke and Ray.

SonicsMan: A

Finally a defensive guard to come off the bench.

Mr. Baker: B+

He should start games and the 3rd quarter. He should stop throwing the ball around the gym. His turnovers aren't really high, but the way they happen is a concern.

Brian Robinson: A-

Can you think of another player on this roster who just clearly exceeded all reasonable expectations for his performance? He was better at all aspects of the game than I thought he would be, he developed a great deal
from his first stay here. The only reason I give him a minus is that nobody on the team deserves an A.

Steve: A-

Clearly the best addition to the team all year, Earl gave the team what it needed: intensity and floor leadership on defense. He may supplant Luke as the starter next year and if that happens I'm OK with it. I do think Earl gets a little trigger happy from long range at times and late in the season he pressed a little bit too much...but you can't ever, EVER underestimate the importance of veteran guard play at the point. Great trade by Rick Sund.