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Daily Roundup April 3 06

That there was a flat out Texas-sized ass-whuppin'.

Can anyone out there tell me exactly what direction the Portland Trailblazers are going in? They just might be one of the worst teams I have seen in recent memory (recent being maybe in the last 10 years or so). With a roster that young and inexperienced I cannot imagine a worse fit at coach than Nate McMillan. His rotations continue to make absolutely no sense at all and rob their draft picks of valuable playing time. Why able bodied but unspectacular journeymen like Steve Blake and Juan Dixon continue to play major roles under Nate is a question only he can answer. Hearing that the team will likely be under new ownership next year increases the likelihood that Nate's time in Portland is short. I can't see another ownership group without homeristic ties to Seattle giving Nate anywhere near this much freedom as Paul Allen has. Scott mentioned to me yesterday that his contract is guaranteed and that's probably the only thing saving him from getting kicked to the curb next year.

"Did they stop playing?" McMillan asked. "Did they stop playing? I think mentally, it was difficult to fight back with such a large deficit. Do you have that fight? Do you have that pride to fight through it, play through it and try to work your way thought it?

"You guys saw what I saw. We got kicked tonight."

and also:

Former Sonics coach Bob Weiss attended the game. If he hadn't taken the job in Seattle, he would have joined McMillan's staff in Portland. McMillan said he hasn't thought about Weiss re-joining him, but didn't rule out the possibility.

Damn. I mean, day-emmmm. If I'm a Portland season ticket holder that news sure makes me want to renew for next year! Yikes....

And also:

Potential free agent Joel Przybilla said this week he is inclined to sign elsewhere this summer because some of his teammates have quit.

If last night's game is any indication I'd say it's more than just "some" of his teammates.

Frank Hughes says Johan "Vote For" Petro unfortunately broke his nose last night. Luckily for Johan, the Sonics know a reliable supplier for plastic masks for 7 foot tall guys.

Key observations: Announcer Kevin Calabro will broadcast his 1,500th Sonics game Tuesday. … Portland rookie Martell Webster, a graduate of Seattle Prep, had 14 points on 3-for-10 shooting.

Quotable: “We’re only one place above him (in the Western Conference). We can’t feel badly for him. I feel badly for us.” – Damien Wilkins when asked if he felt bad about beating former coach Nate McMillan so thoroughly.

Big time props to Kevin Calabro on the 1,500th game, who I heard calling a Lakers game yesterday afternoon on ESPN Radio. Talk about parallel universe-type weirdness ...

And speaking of both weirdness and ancient history, apparently Shawn Kemp could join the Mavs. This is expected to give rise to the 1,500th brain-dead post wondering why the Sonics didn't sign him first.

I'm sure we're all relieved that this terrible story has drawn to a close.

The normally funny and extremely readable Bill Simmons goes slightly awry in this column rating his 10 greatest PGs of the last 60 years, see what you think.

And the Daily Roundup also wants to give a shout out to the LA Clippers. Yes, I know this is a Sonics site. But I've been kicking the Clipp joint around for so long that I thought congratulations might be in order for posting their first winning season in 14 years. Way to go Clipps...still gonna give DTS the bozack.