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Daily Roundup Apr 5 06

Chris Wilcox pretty much ended yesterday's re-signing debate with an incredible 26 point 24 rebound performance against the Rockets.

Dunkula has risen from the grave!

Seattle avenged a 30 point blowout a week ago and may have found their second option of the future last night. Almost unmentioned is the fantastic game Ray Allen had, scoring 32 points and passing Dale "Supersized Forehead" Ellis for 2nd place in all-time 3-pointers made. Way to go Ray!

And I have to give a shout out to the Sonic defense, which swarmed the Rockets swatting shots, bringing blind side help and generally shutting Houston down.

Just in case you were wondering, Vladimir "Who?" Radmanovic had 18 pts, zero rebounds and 3 assists on 6-10 shooting in a 111-109 win over Denver last night.

So where do we go from here? The Sonics have won 7 out of their last 10 games and are ending the season on a spectacularly high note. It's frustrating that the team essentially lost the entire first half of the season due to front office completely screwing up the coaching search (essentially by not conducting one), but without that bumbling the team likely doesn't end up with Bob Hill coaching and the current roster.

David Locke writes that offseason efforts will determine the future of the Sonics frontcourt and I agree with that. I think Petro in particular could vastly benefit from playing either in summer league or at a camp. Swift is slightly further ahead but could still use the benefit of some instruction and playing every day, and I hope the team is diligent in getting them to work on their games in the offseason in order to come back even stronger next year.

Former Sonic Rick Brunson has bid for the head coaching job at Temple, his former alma mater. Good luck to Rick in that pursuit.

And big time props to Supersonicsoul for getting mentioned in Ted Miller's arena piece today. Hey Ted, where's mine? :D

Today the shadowy group known as "The Nine" meet.

Taking time away from manipulating world events from their perches in the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergs, these nine men who make up the board of the 58-member ownership group known as "The Basketball Club of Seattle LLC" will press their fingers together like Mr. Burns -- "Excellent" -- and conspire about the fate of the Sonics.

When their meeting concludes, a news release will be prepared and one of two things will be announced: 1) Nothing; 2) Almost nothing.

That's completely hilarious and describes the public perception of the Sonic org to a T. Shadowy, overly silent and in the absence of a friendly, likeable public face, slightly sinister. Nice article.