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Daily Roundup Apr 6 06

Everything you ever wanted to know about Sonics mgmt but were afraid to ask.

Spiffy diagram included.

The State throws it back into the City of Seattle's lap.

In other words, Gov. Gregoire says Nick Licata and the other anti-Sonic factions on the City Council that want to tear down Seattle Center and replace it with high density housing and retail need to make up their minds, a bill won't be forthcoming from the State Legislature. Mr. Baker has commented on this in many a thread and will probably chip in later.

Blazers for sale too. Paging David Stern, your economic model is broken. Mr. David Stern, please come to a white paging telephone ...

Speaking of ownership, the following is one more way to put pressure on the City Council to do something about the Key Arena situation.

""The sale of the franchises has never been our preferred option, but given time running short on our current lease, we must contemplate all scenarios. This ownership group has no interest in owning professional basketball franchises outside of the state of Washington," Walker said.

Walker said the team has received "numerous inquiries" about the franchise but provided no details. Team spokeswoman Valerie O'Neil would not identify the advisers hired by the team or name potential buyers.

Sonics officials previously have held discussions with civic leaders in Bellevue about building an arena there. Other cities trying to lure NBA teams include Oklahoma City and Kansas City, Mo."

It's a damn shame that nothing ever gets done in this town until the last minute.