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Daily Roundup - lite, Apr 7, 06

Arena Talk:
The Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire asked for an arena decision from the Seattle City Council.
Her quote in the Seattle Times cut right to the chase, "I'm simply asking the city to make a decision on whether they want the Sonics or they don't," Gregoire said, "because if they don't, there is some potential viability for the Sonics to relocate in our state."

The governor has had some experience with the city dragging their feet on the Alaska Way Viaduct, causing her to demand a decision on that project from the mayor of Seattle by November.

Wilcox Talk:
Percy Allen has a nice story on the prospects for soon-to-be free agent Chris Wilcox. It might have been a good idea to explain in more detail what the restriction would mean for a restricted free agent, still, a good write-up.

Percy Leads off with the description of the offer the Sonics had for Vladi Radmanovic, the offer he turned down.
"The Sonics' six-year offer to Vladimir Radmanovic last season: $42 million." said Percy.

I've said here, someplace, that I think they will offer Wilcox something similar in dollars per year as was offered to Radmanovic in years 3 through 6, and hold the amount of years to 4.
I think that the Sonics can hold the price down a little by possibly offering an opt-out for Wilcox in year 3. 4 years, 32 million is pretty close.
If he plays well through the end of the year then add a million dollars for each of the games left to the total contract offer. He could end up with a 4 year, 40 million deal.
Wilcox would be at the ripe, old, age of 27 at the end of that deal. Whatever the offer is, players rarely make up the money they leave on the table. The restriction should keep the offer low enough to keep Wilcox, and short enough so that he doesn't feel trapped. It's all good.

Line up Turnstyle:

Gary Washburn's Notebook is full of details. Like this: Collison to return, but Lewis serves suspension.
Petro is not playing as well.

Go Sonics!