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Game thread: Sonics vs. Suns

Should be a fun game. The Sonics seem to be back into a groove, and the Suns always love to run with us. Read Kevin Pelton's Insider Preview, it's worth your time.
KP writes:

For the first time since early December, the Seattle SuperSonics have won three straight games. All three wins have come in convincing fashion - by a combined 69 points - albeit against lottery-bound competition. The Sonics will get a more difficult challenge tonight against the Suns, who won at KeyArena on March 14, putting up 129 points in a shootout. In Phoenix in January, the teams combined for 301 points in double-overtime, the highest scoring game in the NBA this season. Like most shootouts, this game will likely be won by the team that first plays defense.

Go Sonics!