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The State of The Denver Nuggets?

Here's a general rule for getting back to the playoffs: You have to knock somebody off to get there.

So today it's time to have a quick discussion about our main rivals for the division, the defending NW Division Champions, the Denver Nuggets.

In my opinion these guys are a mess. They have no offense, Marcus Camby is aging and cannot be expected to continue this unheralded run of healthy years, and Kenyon Martin, the jewel of their free agent signees has turned into a negative. Let's face it, I remember when a number of people felt that we should have traded Ray Allen to the Nets for Kenyon Martin if we could sign him. Now the guy is a psychotic with bad knees.

We have a real chance of taking the division back next season. The Nugs need a spot up shooter in the worst way, they have a number of internal issues to take care of including whether or not to resign free agents Reggie "The Nut Collector" Evans or Nene, where to unload Martin, and how to keep George Karl from resorting to crazy mind games. In a nutshell I don't like Karl at all and his bad karma seems to be catching up with Denver a bit ahead of schedule. To add more fun to the situation I believe that their GM is a free agent as well. I guess Karl gets to be in charge for the summer. Now that should provide plenty of reading material...