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New Radio Play-by-Play Voice To Be Announced Next Week

According to the Go 2 Guy:

Within the next week or so, the Sonics are expected to
name the man who will replace Kevin Calabro on radio broadcasts next

Calabro will still call games on FSN, and the longtime voice of the
Sonics will have a new color man. Craig Ehlo's two-year contract has
expired and will not be renewed. Ehlo improved this season but still
looked uncomfortable on camera.

The Go 2 Guy has learned that the three leading candidates are David
Locke, a KJR sports-talk show host and Seattle P-I contributing
columnist; Brian Davis, Sonics' pre- and post-game host on FSN
telecasts; and Brian Wheeler, Trail Blazers play-by-play man and
former KJR sports-talk show host.

Odds at the Go 2 Guy sports book on each one's chances:

Locke, 2-1: Storm play-by-play man and stat freak would be highly
informative and might come cheaper than the other candidates, always
a Sonics consideration.

Davis, 5-1: Former Seahawks play-by-play man now knows the NBA and
would make for seamless transition -- one bald head to another.

Wheeler, 8-1: Probably the best choice, given Blazers experience, and
has connections here, but when you're the best choice and most
expensive choice, you're a dark horse in this race.

The winner, most likely Locke, will call 72 games on the Sonics' new
flagship station, KTTH 770, with Calabro calling the other 10 games
not televised by FSN.

I'm glad Ehlo won't be back next year, he wasn't up to the task of a radio broadcast.

I liked Wheels back when he was a KJR host many years ago and think he would do a great job.

Locke would also be a great choice and it's clear that's the direction he wants to go in, so chase your dream Dave.

Just say no to Brian Davis.

Which of the three would you prefer?